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Can Employers Ever Treat Employee Absences the “Rose” Way?

by Stefanie M. Renaud Last week we discussed the fine imposed by the New York Knicks on player Derrick Rose for his “no call no show” for a basketball game.  Employers might wonder if they, like the Knicks, could “fine” … Continue reading

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Recent Case Highlights the Importance of At-Will Disclaimers in Employee Handbooks

by Amelia J. Holstrom Employers typically have an employee handbook or similar document that sets forth certain expectations, guidelines, and policies for its employees.  When defending employment litigation cases, employee handbooks often become important evidence.  Consequently, it is important that the … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Employers Must Revise Their Section 125 or Flex Plan Documents

by Wendy L. Grabel It’s time for all Massachusetts employers to (slightly) revise their “cafeteria plan” documents.  These employer plans can no longer allow MA Health Connector plan enrollees to make salary deductions towards their health plan premiums. Failure to … Continue reading

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The Importance of Documentation

by Amelia J. Holstrom When clients ask us for advice about tricky termination decisions, we routinely ask to see the documentation.  Why is that?  Well, employees who feel that they were disciplined or terminated without a good reason will look … Continue reading

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